Portes Ouvertes (RDV) Au Pavillon Saint Clair

Veuillez contacter directement notre collaboratrice, Margaux Corruble au +33 1 46 02 98 59 afin de planifier votre visite. Eventually, the Dauphine delivers services on demand: valet variety, parking and hostess services, VIP desk, concierge desk. After nine weeks of restoration, discover the Pavillon Dauphine that followed the resumption of procedures. At a stunning garden's heart, the Pavillon Dauphine Saint Clair presents outstanding environment, close to the Champs-Elysées. Le Dauphine Saint Clair has 850 sqm of reception places that are skilled or individual split into 4 suites.

Lately operated by E Clair le Traiteur, you are welcomed by the Pavillon Dauphine Saint Clair for all your highend corporate activities. The Dauphine was built in 1913 on the internet site of the Pavillon Chinois of the bottom at the path de l'Imperatrice, today termed Foch. Having been built by pavillon dauphine Paris' City, the Pavillon Dauphine's initial purpose was to function a location to receive standard delegations before being taken to State buildings such as the Elysée, arriving by practice by in the Porte station. Getting this sophisticated convention of the Belle Epoque, the Pavillon Dauphine continues to organise events that are numerous.

Ideally located nearby the Avenue des Champs Elysees Pavillon Dauphine, with its redesigned backyard and fully refurbished Salons, is a perfect destination for a welcome your entire receptions, possibly individual or corporate. As it can save as much as 122.8 kB of the original amount clearly, impression marketing is needed by Pavillon Dauphine. The visitor has mailed 35 Javascripts, CSS, AJAX and photograph needs as a way to fully provide the main page of Pavillon Dauphine. For a supplementary 100 dollars, registered delegates and accompanying individuals may be involved in a gardenparty using a relaxing Supper especially organized for them at the Dauphine.